About Us

Bitovi simplifies JavaScript development and UX design. We teach people how to create amazing web apps, the right way. After years of solving complex front-end engineering problems, we know what works and what doesn't. And we've baked that experience into our tools, consulting, and training.

Our Team

Bitovi is a group of really talented software engineers and product designers. We only hire the best and we're always looking for top-notch people to grow our team. If you think you have what it takes, view our openings.

Justin Meyer

CEO, basketballer, Michael Jackson fan.

Brian Moschel

CTO, dog rollerblader, R Kelly fan.

Mihael Konjevic

Senior developer, martial arts fan, graffiti artist.

Alexis Abril

Developer, drummer, HOG member.

Curtis Cummings

Code slinger, father, Canuck.

David Luecke

JavaScripter, open-sourcer, rock climber.

Josh Dean

Scripting schmuck, foodie, convention organizer.

Nikica Jokić

Backend guy, PL theorist, martial artist.

Veljko Dragšić

Backend developer, lover of weird music, films and art.

Tom Greever

Designer, pixel-pusher, mechanic.

Matthew Phillips

Engineer, granter of three wishes.

Jan Jorgensen

JavaScript developer, bread baker, Quizmaster.

Mark Stahl

Developer, dragon slayer, runtime junkie.

Manuel Mujica

Vinotinto, coffee lover, philomath.

Alfredo Delgado

Husband, father, coder and data enthusiast.

Paula Strozak

Planner, carb lover, beach fan, book worm.

Chris Gomez

Problem solver, To-do slayer, Tinkerer.

Adam L Barrett

JavaScript Dev, board game geek, movie lover

Adri De La Cuadra

Designer, traveler, and aspiring homesteader.

Juan Orozco

Wonderer, explorer, fun seeker-er.

Diana Whitten

Dev, Mathematician, Turtle Carpenter

Joe Crick

Seeker, word dabbler, player of music

Chasen Le Hara

Developer, traveler, & runner for beer

Todd Lincoln

UI/UX designer, adventurer, craft beer aficionado

Lela Kodai

Problem solver, adventurer, media addict

Kyle Gifford

Engineer, food and drink-er, globetrotter

Chris Klanac

Craftsman, boater, captain

Luke Whyte

Developer, writer, rock clamberer

Julia Poladsky

javascripter, golang enthusiast, and horse wrangler

Ilya Fadeev

JavaScripter, country skier, violin hacker.

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